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Oyoy, Penguin Baby Teether, Rose
Oyoy, Penguin Baby Teether, Rose
Oyoy, Penguin Baby Teether, Rose
Oyoy, Penguin Baby Teether, Rose
14,00 €

Pingviini purulelu tuo apua silloin, kun ikeniä kutittaa ja hampaita on tulossa.

100% luonnonkumi on turvallinen ja myrkytön materiaali.

Purulelussa ei ole reikiä, joten se on helppo pitää puhtaana.

Puhdista pesemällä käsin vedellä ja saippualla.

Älä keitä.

The Penguin Baby Teether has a very adorable look, making the teether a very cute item for your baby to use during the teething period. The teether is available in two colors: White and Rose.

The teether is made of 100% natural rubber which is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like Phthalate, PVC, silicone, and BPA. It is safe for baby to chew on. The teether is cast in one piece without holes which prevents filth and mold from acquiring inside.

Natural rubber is biodegradable and a sustainable resource.

For daily cleaning, it is recommended to wash with soapy water. We do not recommend boiling the teether because the surface of the natural rubber has a self-cleaning effect in the sense that the surface is bacteria repellent. Is the teether by accident boiled, you should just put it in a cold place, and it will regain its strength back again.

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